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CCRM New York

New York Insurance Program

We know that IVF and other fertility treatment costs can be a major source of stress during the fertility treatment process. We will work hard to help you be informed about your insurance coverage and other financing options.

If your insurance carrier or plan is out-of-network with us, payment is expected at the time of service. If you wish to submit services to an out-of-network insurance or secondary insurance, we will provide a receipt for any services that were paid out of pocket, which provided the plan carries the infertility benefit, may be submitted to your insurance for out-of-network reimbursement..

Please contact one of our financial representatives at (212) 290-8100 to confirm if we participate with your specific insurance plan and to assist you with any financial needs. Please click here for a list of questions to ask your insurance provider about fertility benefits. 


  • Carrot
  • Maven
  • Progyny

**Carrot, Maven and Progyny fertility benefits vary based on your employer.


Insurance plans that are partially in-network with CCRM only cover physician consults, in-office procedures, ultrasounds, laboratory services (including embryology fees), blood work, and andrology services.. Partially in-network plans DO NOT cover services provided by the Surgery Center, which include Surgery Center fees. If you have coverage for fertility services, we are happy to submit your claims to your insurance on your behalf.

  • Cigna (excludes Local Plus and some EPO’s)
  • WIN Fertility

Our surgery center is currently not in-network with any insurance carriers. You will be asked to pay at the time of service for the surgery facility and associated fees. However, we are happy to provide you with a completed insurance claim form (with procedure codes, diagnosis codes, tax ID, etc.) for you to submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.

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CCRM New York proudly accepts Progyny benefits. Progyny covered services may vary based on the employer sponsoring the benefit plan. All Progyny patients (new or existing at a clinic) must first call their Progyny Patient Care Advocate (PCA) for authorization before scheduling an appointment with our clinic.

CCRM New York also accepts Maven benefits. Maven partners with employers to provide additional coverage and support for fertility services not often covered by your commercial insurance plan.  Check with your employer to determine if Maven is a benefit option.

CCRM New York is also proud to partner with Future Family which offers affordable IVF and egg freezing plans, concierge care, and on-demand medical support.

CCRM New York also proudly accepts WINFertility benefits. WINFertility has been the national leader in managed fertility benefits for over two decades. As patient benefits vary, contact your dedicated WINFertility support team prior to beginning treatment.

*Exclusions apply, please contact us for insurance verification.

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